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About Me

Hi There!

Welcome to Kirsty’s Vegan Bakes.


My name is Kirsty and I am the baker, photographer and recipe developer behind this blog.

I was vegetarian for 12 years before I turned vegan in February 2019. I pretty much stopped baking for the first year of being vegan, as I was convinced that vegan baking was difficult and that nothing would taste the same. I had one chocolate cake recipe that I used occasionally, but it was the only thing I could bring myself to attempt to bake.

However during the first lockdown I had more free time, as I was working reduced hours, and I began to research more about vegan baking. After some reading and attempting some recipes I realised just how simple vegan baking can be. Not all recipes require crazy ingredients or complicated methods.

Since finding my feet in the vegan baking world, I have developed some recipes of my own.

I am making it my mission to make vegan recipes more accessible and am super excited to share my own recipes with you all.

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